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I’m so excited and proud to announce that today is Phoebe Tonkin Web’s one year anniversary. I opened this site one year ago today, and I never imagined that it would become as big as it has. I never expected to have a video archive or an icon archive. And I never expected in a year to be at 600,000 views in the gallery. I started this site because I wanted to support Phoebe and provide fans with the best site that I could. Thank you all for your support of the site, and a special thank you to all the friends I’ve made through this site and other people who wish to support Phoebe. In my own personal life, I’ve kind of been through a lot. Particularly in the fall, my father was diagnosed with end stage kidney and liver failure. His health has, thankfully, improved dramatically, but this site was a way for me to distract myself from all the hardships in my personal life. It was a way for me to focus on something else. And I’m just really proud of the level this site has reached. Thank you to everyone who has donated images or helped find videos. I am so grateful to you all! Here to another great year!

Hi, everyone! I am very excited to announce that we have a brand new icon archive. Previously, I hosted icons on tumblr, but now they have their own little place on the main site. The gorgeous theme was made by Margos, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

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You may know Phoebe Tonkin for her turn as Hayley in The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, or earlier as Cleo in H2O: Just Add Water, but the Australian actress has made a special exception to model for Matteau, the swimwear line designed by her close friend Ilona Hamer and her sister Peta Heinsen.

“Ilona and I actually met at a Sydney event in Sydney about five and a half years ago,” remembers Tonkin, who celebrated her campaign appearance with an intimate and chic dinner held at China Heights Gallery days before Australian Fashion Week. “When she started working on Matteau I’d worn a couple of early models, and when she asked me to be in the first campaign, I was obviously very excited. and now I’ve told her no one else can be in the campaign!” she says playfully with a laugh.

“I’m probably the worst model because I like to have breaks, and snacks, and get out of the sun and do all the things that models aren’t really allowed to do – I’d want to have some guacamole and a margarita, so I’m not a particularly well behaved modelled,” jokes Tonkin, who had modelled younger but ultimately focused on her acting career.

On working with her close friends, designer Hamer and Alexandra Nataf, who photographed the campaign, “it is very effortless for them. They had such a clear idea of what they wanted so it was a very easy shoot. Sometimes it gets frustrating when a person doesn’t really know what they want. Ilona has such a succinct style that is very classic and beautiful and not complicated.”


It’s unclear what the future holds for Hayley following The Originals‘ third season finale, but Phoebe Tonkin is ready for whatever’s coming her way — as long as it isn’t too dangerous.

Speaking to TVLine on the red carpet at The CW’s Upfront presentation, Tonkin admitted she doesn’t always have as much fun filming action scenes as we do watching them.

“The boys love it,” she conceded. “Andy [Lees] does so many stunts himself — like, really intense stunts — and so does Joe [Morgan]. They’re really good at it. I’m like, ‘I’m good!’ … Knowing me, I’ll do one stunt and break my arm, because I’m so clumsy.”

We also asked Tonkin for her thoughts on baby Hope, specifically what she thinks her on-screen daughter’s first word will be. (Here’s a hint: It’s the exact opposite answer executive Michael Narducci gave us last week.)



Again, I’m putting everything below a read more for spoiler reasons.



Putting this under a read more because of spoilers. So, read at your own risk.