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With her effortless vibe and fresh-faced approach to beauty, Phoebe Tonkin is a walking example of the notion that “less is more.” So it wasn’t totally surprising to hear that this adage was the underlying theme of the actress’s beauty look last night as she attended a dinner celebrating Chanel’s Gabrielle bag in Los Angeles. “She’s so easy to work with,” says makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua, who prepped the actress’s look for the event. “I just focused on enhancing her skin and lashes.”

Still, a “less-is-more” look requires a certain amount of nuance—Bua relied on subtle tricks (and stellar products) to make Tonkin’s barely-there look pop just enough for the cameras later in the evening. And if you’re looking for some quick pointers, we’ll do you one better: Below, Tonkin and Bua give us an intimate peek (complete with their own snapshots) into how the look all came together.

Bua says that with Tonkin’s eyes in particular, her aim was a look that quietly smoldered. “I applied a few coats of Chanel’s Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Noir ($32) on the top lashes and Chanel’s Limited-Edition Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in Vert Profond ($32) on the bottom to pop the green in her eyes,” she says. “To create a soft, smoky eye, I used a small eye shadow brush to blend in a bit of gray eye shadow along the lower lash line and up and around the outer corner of the upper lids.”

As for the actress’s skin, Bua simply wanted to play up her natural glow while preemptively combating any oiliness or shine as the evening progressed. “I love glowing, healthy skin, but to avoid looking oily, … blotting papers work really well to blot without adding more makeup,” she says. “The trick is shine control in the right places. I love to leave the cheek bones shiny and the bridge of the nose as a highlight. I added Chanel’s Huile de Jasmin Revitalizing Facial Oil ($120) to the bridge of Phoebe’s nose and on her cheekbones to highlight and really get that glowing finish.”

For Tonkin’s lips, Bua sent the actress on her way with Chanel’s Limited-Edition Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine ($37) in Golden to stash in her purse.

The look came together with a hairdo that was equal parts polished and low-key.


Phoebe took to her instagram stories to post several links of where people can donate to help those in Aleppo.

The White Helmets Hero Fund
Syria Relief
Save the Children
Doctors Without Borders

More relief organizations include, but are not limited to:
Unicef | Help Syrian Children
Mercy USA
Union of Medical Care and Relief Organization
British Red Cross | Syria Crisis Appeal
Hand in Hand for Syria

In light of Nikki Reed’s poignant, hilarious, and incredibly important video, I decided to share my own personal story that reminded me how important it is for Americans, and especially females, to stop Donald Trump from winning this election, and to vote for Hillary R Clinton.

I understand there are dozens of important issues that are being discussed, dissected, and fought for. And this particular issue is only one in an alarmingly large pool of ludicrous proposals, downright terrifying rhetoric, ignorant and uninformed comments and ideals put forward by Donald Trump. But in light of all of the influx of information and endorsing out there, I thought for my own endorsement of Hillary Clinton, inspired by Nikki’s video, I wanted to come from a place of honesty, a place that felt personal.

So, twitter friends, future twitter friends, future twitter enemies, here’s the deal. I consider myself a pretty tough, strong, independent young lady. I don’t suffer fools lightly, not at all. Two days ago, I was walking down a block in NYC, and a man separated from his group of friends, to follow me for the entire block, trailing not 1 meter behind me, calling after me with words, phrases, and propositions that I don’t care to repeat here. Just one hour later, I walked by another group of men, in a different part of the city, and, in defense mode, still, quite frankly pissed off from the previous encounter, I crossed my arms and put down my head as I walked past, keeping my eyes down. One of the men yelled out, “Hey, bitch stop fucking crying”.

I should mention, that in neither of these situations, did I feel scared, or like I was in any sort of danger. And I know that this situation is not only an every day occurrence, but also obviously incomparable to the types of abuse that thousands of women encounter, every day, across the planet.

But back to these particular men, in this particular situation. Now like I said, I consider myself a tough cookie, I wished, as I kept my eyes ahead of me, and my fists scrunched up, I could have willed myself to turn around and just said STOP. When I got home, I fantasized about turning on my heels, looking that man squarely in the eyes, and saying “ENOUGH. I don’t like this. I don’t feel good. Please, just leave me alone. ” But I couldn’t, and I didn’t.

These men behave this way because they think they can. And even strong women, like myself, still find it hard to say “Enough” But fellow women, this election is your chance, loud and clear, to say ENOUGH. Do not allow the person we call ‘President’ to be a role model to these types of men. By voting for Hillary Clinton, we are saying NO to sexist, misogynist rhetoric, to letting our future daughters think it’s okay for men to talk to us like that. That though just words, we don’t like them, and we’ve had Enough.

-Phoebe x


Hi, everyone! Margos was kind enough to code a new biography page for me. You can see it here. Hope you all enjoy the newest addition to the site. 🙂

When it comes to swimwear, Aussies know how to do it right, which is why some of our homegrown designers’ styles are some of the most sought-after in the world. Add these cool Aussie brands to your Instagram feed for summer inspiration and to work out the swimwear you’ll be buying next.

Swimwear style: Minimalist styles favoured by campaign babe (and friend of the designers) Phoebe Tonkin. For their resort range they’ve added styles more suited for bigger busts and a wider selection of colours, including amber, plum, pink clay and marigold.


If you are an American citizen who is 18 or older, you can register to vote on one of these various sites vote.gov, savetheday.vote, and rockthevote.com. I registered to vote online back in 2012. It was a fairly easy process, and I was registered within minutes.