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Like most things in fashion and culture, we are finding ourselves drifting towards the West Coast more and more. Suddenly the sun and sand aren’t the only main attractions drawing creatives to L.A. and we couldn’t be happier to jump on board. With a whole new lens being shone on the city we were thrilled to have two amazing guides take us around town.

Stormi Bree and Phoebe Tonkin each toted us (along with their CHANEL Gabrielle bags) around the city to talk about where they go, and if they could, where they would take the legendary Gabrielle herself on an ideal day in L.A.

After a rather spiritual morning spent with Stormi, we went to the other side of town, Venice Beach. Armed with Coveteur-alum Phoebe Tonkin, we walked between the canals and the beach filled with tarot card readers, graffiti and rollerbladers galore—it doesn’t get more L.A. than that! Below, Phoebe’s take on Coco…

“I think she would wear it across both shoulders, as she is a woman on the go, and wearing it this way allows her to move comfortably from fitting, to meeting, to cocktail party.”

To read more of Phoebe’s interview see Coveteur.

Phoebe Tonkin joined millions of people around the world protesting for women’s rights in January when she hit the streets of LA with a “the future is female” slogan stamped across her chest. So, when the opportunity to join French women in solidarity last week in Paris on International Women’s Day, she was the first to don a red beret and front up to La Republique.

“Coincidentally, it was my one free day,” says the actress, who was in the city for Paris Fashion Week. “I would have done something similar in LA or NYC had I not been in Paris. Having done the women’s march in January, it feels really important to me to show up to these events and rally together with others in solidarity. The energy at both the March in downtown LA and that of the rally at Republique were the same—a lot of joy, support, and unity.”

While Tonkin doesn’t speak a word of French, she says the atmosphere was one of positivity. “There was something quite musical about the combination of drums and chants in a foreign language. But even though I couldn’t translate exactly what was being said, I understood the sentiment. There was a great moment when all these women held hands and did a choreographed dance. There was a very sweet man handing out free cups of mint tea, and there were some women who had brought homemade baked goods. Everyone there just wanted to support each other and come together to celebrate women.”

With camera in hand, Tonkin documented the moment and shares her personal snaps here with The message she took away: “That women’s rights, and equality, are global issues. That what is happening domestically in the USA affects women around the world. That posing hateful rhetoric and sexist comments will not be tolerated by anyone, no matter what country they live in. And that women, young and old, are the greatest supporters of one another.” Hear, hear!


The Originals is facing a whole new kind of threat this season, and it’s particularly bad news for Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), since it appears to be a blue light that steals children.

The CW series just jumped ahead five years between the end of season three and the start of season four and revealed that the original family had spent those five years in coffins and cursed, or in Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) case, weakened and kept in a dungeon by Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). As of last week, even Klaus had been freed and was on his way to seeing the daughter he hasn’t seen since she was a toddler, but there’s a much larger threat on the horizon now.

We got on the phone with Phoebe Tonkin to talk about that looming danger, and about just how much of this season will be concerned with Hope’s safety.

E! News: So far this season, it has been really interesting to see how things have changed during the time jump. Was that kind of exciting for you to start the character from a whole new place?
PT: You know, I don’t think necessarily Hayley had the reset that the other characters did, having been kind of in a box for five years. I think Hayley’s been working, since the end of season three, trying to break the curse for them. I think really she’s stopped looking for them or looking for a way to save them for the last five years, so I think when we find her again, not that much has changed other than the fact that she now has a seven year old daughter as opposed to a toddler.

Is that more interesting for you as an actor that Hope is now an actual character, instead of basically a baby?
Yes! We also got so lucky that the actress who plays Hope, Summer Fontana, is probably one of the best actresses I’ve ever worked with. She’s seven. She was born in the mid 2000s, if that, and she’s so brilliant. So yeah, we got really lucky, and I think they even wrote, when she was cast, more, because they realized how much she was capable of doing. So that really, being on set with this young girl who just is such a natural actress, yeah it definitely added to the storyline to have a character who actually has questions about her family and her heritage and her bloodline. You know, it’s not just a kid in a corner in a little baby bassinet.

What does Hope know about her family? We haven’t heard much from her in these first couple episodes.
She knows about her dad. I think Hayley has always told her enough about him, and I think Hope probably idolizes her dad a little bit. And so when they finally get to meet, which I think is this episode, it’s kind of sweet. Hope was such a little baby when her dad went away, and so I think she has small tiny memories of him, but she’s now a young girl. And so I think it’s going to be nice for them to develop their own memories together over the season.

Will we actually get time to see the dynamic between them before danger starts up again?
Well, it is The Originals—there’s always something getting in the way of just like a normal, Sunday night movie night with mom and dad and Hope. I think the threat this year is really big, and the stakes are really high, and it directly affects their daughter, which in turn, makes everything very serious, because she obviously can’t necessarily protect herself. She’s a seven year old, but yeah I think there’s some really nice daddy-daughter moments in this season.

What is the dynamic like between Hayley and Klaus, now that he’s free and they can be parents together?
I mean they’re definitely trying to coparent this kid as best as they can. They’re also not necessarily the best models for children that had great parents, so I think they’re kind of working it out together. But you know, I think they’re both overly protective of this kid and making sure that she’s safe, so I think they’re trying to work out how to have some sort of a healthy dynamic for the sake of their kid.

Will we get any happy family scenes, whether they’re movie nights or not, at all?
Unfortunately, it’s New Orleans and there’s always some kind of threat around the corner. I don’t think there’s ever a world in which Klaus, Hayley and Hope are sitting on a couch watching Frozen. I wish there was, because I think that would be great, but you know, I think because of how dangerous this threat is this season, there really isn’t a lot of down time for these characters. I think their focus is protecting their family and protecting the city.

And what can you tell me about the threat this season—whatever’s stealing kids?
That’s something that we will, over the next few episodes, really kind of explore what it means and what it is and why it’s here. Definitely the biggest threat this family’s ever seen, and it’s definitely going to cause a lot of problems amongst the family.

So is that the major threat that they’re dealing with for the rest of the season?
Yes. It definitely, as the season goes on, we kind of learn exactly what this is and why it’s here. Yes.

Is Marcel still a major threat to the family, or is he kind of taking a backseat to this new threat?
I think because of how dangerous this thing is, yeah, I think it’s his city too, and this thing directly threatens the city that he loves and calls home, and so you know, in a very complicated way, this family, including Marcel, I think they’re all kind of part of this crazy family of errors, I think they’re going to have to find a way to work together in some capacity because it directly affects and threatens children of this city, and that’s obviously something that none of these characters take lightly.

So can we assume that Hope is a central character this season?
Definitely, definitely.


The Originals: Phoebe Tonkin talks the new big bad, Hayley and Elijah’s future

Hayley is about to get everything she’s wanted for the past five years. After last week’s successful mission to rescue Klaus, the Mikaelsons are back together, and Hope is going to get to know her father (along with her aunts and uncles). Plus, Hayley has the man she loves back, so what could go wrong? Well, on The Originals, the answer is usually: everything.

EW caught up with Phoebe Tonkin to talk about the family reunion, her character Hayley’s future with Elijah, and the little fact that her daughter could have a mystical evil coming after her.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: After five years, the family is finally reunited. What does that mean to Hayley?
PHOEBE TONKIN: It’s relief, and a little bit of closure. All Hayley’s ever wanted was family and then she had to say goodbye to her family. All she’s done for five years is be on the run with her daughter and I think she got this massive relief because she can finally stay in one place hopefully, and she can give her daughter somewhat of a normal life hopefully. There’s a little bit of a weight off her shoulders now because that’s what she’s done for five years, but then obviously it’s not that calm for too long.

Were you curious about those five years? Did you talk to the writers about what Hayley had been up to?
I did ask them. I was like, “Maybe she went on a few dates or does she have some weird girlfriend that she made friends with?” [Laughs] She was very serious about making her focus just about the family and making sure that they were going to come back into her life and her daughter’s life. I think she spent a bit of time with grandma Mary, so I think grandma Mary was her friend over the last five years. I don’t know what else Hayley would’ve probably been doing besides looking for ways to get the Mikaelsons back and keeping a low profile.

Keeping a low profile despite driving a tractor trailer everywhere.
Exactly. [Laughs] I also want to know what they would listen to in that truck. I wonder what Hayley and Hope were jamming along to.

Right. It’s kid’s music and then Hope falls asleep and it’s…
Smashing Pumpkins. [Laughs] Or Hayley’s been learning French in the truck on like, what’s that…

Rosetta Stone?
Yeah! She’s been Rosetta Stoning. She’s been learning Spanish.

We also have this new big bad. Hayley has worked so hard to keep Hope safe. How is she going to react when her daughter is potentially part of something she can’t control?
That’s what’s so terrifying about the big bad of the season is that they don’t really know much about it: They don’t know why it’s here; they don’t know what it wants, and once it starts to feel like maybe this is something directly affecting or directly targeting Hope, that’s when everything gets serious. Once you’re talking about protecting a 7-year-old who doesn’t understand her powers yet or anything, that’s when the stakes become very high.

Are Hayley and Elijah on solid ground at this point? After five years apart, I feel like they deserve a moment of happiness.
Yeah, I think having not seeing him for five years there’s probably been five years of dreaming about the day that she would see him again, so I think the first time that they get to spend time with each other is hopefully this magical moment because it’s all she wanted. I think they love each other very much but you know as the season goes on, it becomes very clear that Hayley’s priority is being a mom and protecting her daughter.

And this week, I heard something about a disagreement with Freya. I assume that has to do with Keelin.
Yes. Hayley and Freya both have very similar back stories in that they have been without family, so when they finally did get family, they’re super protective of them. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that their ways for protecting their family are always going to align. There’s a couple of conflicting opinions between Hayley and Freya, but at the end of the day, they’re family and they have the same intention which is to protect each other and protect their family, and especially protect Hope. But they just sometimes have differing ideas of how to do that.

Phoebe Tonkin on how Hayley has grown, Klaus the dad and the new big bad

Quite a bit has changed since Season 3 of “The Originals.” With a five-year time jump, Hope (Summer Fontana) is no longer a baby and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) has done everything within her power to resurrect the Mikaelsons and reunite her daughter with her father Klaus (Joseph Morgan). And yet, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Hope has found herself back in New Orleans with the Mikaelsons as a new war readies itself, blurring the lines even further between vampires, werewolves and witches. With a villain targeting children and wreaking havoc on the French Quarter, Screener decided it was time to catch up with Tonkin to talk about the big bad, what Klaus is like as a dad and what changes for Hayley, now that the life she’s built over the last five years has been turned upside down…

Thus far, Hayley’s Season 4 has revolved heavily around getting the Mikaelsons back. Five years is a long time to spend alone, though. What has changed about her in that time?
Phoebe Tonkin: I mean, I think now — as it always has been, but probably now moreso because her daughter is older — her priority is just to protect and keep her daughter safe. And hopefully give her daughter somewhat of a normal upbringing. Hopefully.

That seems so entire impossible in this world they live in.
Yeah, it does!

Will we be getting any sort of look at what those five years were like for Hayley? Especially when you consider how fundamental a time it is for a child Hope’s age…
Yes, definitely. And I think Hope’s also had a lot of questions about where her family is, her bloodline, her father. I think as she got older, it became more urgent to get her family back, because she had so many questions about what was happening. Hayley has spent five years looking for the Mikaelsons relentlessly — I don’t think there was much room for anything else besides that. She was just super driven to find this cure, and be able to wake them all up, and get Hope’s father back. It’s important to her that Hope doesn’t grow up without a dad.

Hayley has very different relationships with Klaus and Elijah. Now that we’ve moved forward in time, how have those dynamics changed? Because you look at a character like Klaus, and he’s been living in torture for five years…
You know, I definitely think now that Hope is older, everyone is focused on protecting her — especially Klaus. Anything that comes close in any way to harming Hope… They’re just all very protective of her.

I think also, Hayley really wants Hope to feel like she has some sort of a normal family dynamic. So I think Hayley is going to have to put aside some of her grudges, or issues that she’s had in the past with Klaus, to make sure she feels like her mom and dad are in some kind of a functioning co-parenting environment.

Klaus reentering Hope’s life — does that change Hayley’s relationship with her daughter at all, given that it was just them for so long?
Definitely. She’s definitely tried to keep Klaus alive in conversation, and I think Hope probably has him on a pedestal because of how much Hayley has tried to keep her dad in the conversation over the last five years.

There are some nice moments between Klaus and Hope where he’s just a dad. He’s not this supervillain, he’s just a dad who is in love and wants to spoil his daughter.

That is a version of that character I cannot wait to see. Lastly, I wanted to talk about the villain of the season — which we’ve lovingly dubbed the “big, angry blue ball of light” around the office.
Oh it’ll get a name soon, don’t you worry! A name you will not forget.

We don’t know a lot about this particular villain, other than it’s targeting children — which is bad news for Hope. What can you tell us about it?
I think this is the most dangerous threat that has posed any sort of danger to this family. It’s the first time they don’t necessarily understand what it wants, or why it wants what it wants. It’s a very powerful entity of violence and pain. I think, as you said, it’s targeting children — which includes Hope — so all of these characters have to come together, even through their own complicated dynamics, and work together to fight this entity that’s potentially going to harm the one they all love.

It’s horrifying. This thing is very old and it’s something that’s been gathering power. A very serious, and dangerous, threat.

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Phoebe Tonkin’s enviable skills in the acting and modelling scene have earnt her the coveted ‘It girl’ status. When she’s not busy filming her hit series The Originals or hanging out with boyfriend Paul Wesley, Tonkin can usually be spotted around town sporting next-season’s biggest fashion trends while oozing cool girl insouciance.

BAZAAR sat down with Tonkin at the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo Marquee to talk about life, work and a few of her favourite things.

First of all, congratulations on the new role with Alfa Romeo, what is the best part about working with the brand?

I got to sit in one of the cars the other day which was exciting. I was like do not offer to let me drive this thing, it won’t end well, but it’s a beautiful car.

What are the things you’re obsessed with right now?

I just started reading an author called A. M. Homes who has a bunch of books, I’ve just downloaded all of them on my iCloud. I’m also obsessed with trying to find a house to buy in LA.

LA is very different, I love Topanga, I love little hippie shacks, so yeah I’m kind of obsessed with that. I’m also obsessed with India, I keep talking about it.

Are there any projects that you’re working on at the moment that you would be able to share with us?

There are a couple of things I’m working on right now. We still may come back to The Originals but we won’t know until April.

Tell us a bit about your friends and co-stars.

We all live in the same building. There’s like 10 of us that live within 100 metres of each other. It’s so much fun. We’re all a little lazy, there’s one restaurant called Sotto, Sotto which we all go to at least three times a week. Like there’s no other restaurant that we go to other than there.

Do you enjoy living in America?

Yeah I do! I really enjoy being in Atlanta it feels very safe there. It’s very small and it’s a bit of a bubble but I really like living there.

And you’re currently living in Atlanta?

Yeah I’m living in Atlanta but I’m moving to LA this week, because the show finished filming at the end of the year and we don’t know if we will go back till April and if we do, it won’t be till July, so I’ll at least have six months.

Tell us one thing about Atlanta that we may not know?

I will sell anyone on Atlanta. It’s got a really cool night life, a bit of an underground almost Melbourne-esque-cum-New York night life. There are some really interesting bars and cool dance parties that play hip-hop music. There are also some Michelin star restaurants that are incredible. Atlanta is one of my favourite places in America.

What is your best long-haul flying tip?

It’s not one I often abide by, but not drinking on the plane, sadly. It’s so nice to have a wine on the plane but every time I avoid drinking I always feel really good. Also, just drinking a lot of water, and then when I land I always take an Epsom salt bath. Just dump a whole lot of salt in there and sit there for like 45 minutes and try and get all of the toxins out of me.

What is your favourite morning ritual?

My favourite morning ritual is making a coffee. I am psychotic about my coffees. I like to make an Americano but with as much froth and steamed milk as a cappuccino. So it’s basically just a really big, large, milky-strong late situation.

So you’ve taken the American coffee, do you supersize your Starbucks?


You’ve mentioned American politics, what is your opinion on the election result this year?

I have to be very careful, but I think the one thing I learnt is that I never thought I was particularly politically opinionated or even had an interest in educating myself in politics in what’s going on in other countries that aren’t your own. This year I really felt that I’ve found a voice, and I found my friends have voices that I didn’t know they had either. Friends that I used to talk about holidays and boyfriends with, we now spend dinners talking about what’s going on in the world and it’s pretty cool. Not new friends, just the same old friends but something has kind of awakened in us that we obviously always had but, this passion of educating ourselves about bigger things.

What’s one make-up tip that you’ve discovered on set and will always take with you?

Olive oil is really good at taking make-up off. So if you’re in a hotel and you have forgotten make-up wipes to take your make up off, ask room service for a side of olive oil and use some cotton swabs of tissues and its takes off your eye make-up.

Favourite song?

Even though it has been out for 6 months – ‘Starboy’ by The Weekend. I’m obsessed with it, everyone’s like ‘this is a year old!’ I still really like it though.

Don’t you think one of the songs on the album sounds like Michael Jackson?

Yes! I went to his concert and I was like this guy sort of has a very similar voice, he’s so talented and yeah he has that kind of high pitched voice.

Favourite restaurant?

Sotto, Sotto.

Favourite bar?

Krog Bar

Secret places in LA that you love to visit?

I’m a big Magic Castle girl. I’m kind of a creature of habit, there’s a little bakery in Venice called ‘Gjusta’ which isn’t really secret, everyone goes there. There’s also a place called ‘Inn Of The Seventh Ray in Topanga’, which is by a little creek, there’s energy infused cocktails and its super alternative but its beautiful.

Did you say Magic Castle? Tell me more?

Haha – it’s truly the most incredible place. So, you have to know a magician to be able to go. You have to have a referral, it’s a house in Hollywood and they do magic tricks, like amazing magic tricks.

How did you meet a magician?

Pat Graham is on Vampire Diaries. We didn’t even know each other that well, but someone told me that she knew a magician so I just texted her out of the blue, “listen you don’t know me but I need to use your magic hook up.”

What’s your best magic trick?

A magician never reveals his secrets.


With one season left in The Vampire Diaries’ run, we decided it was time to start collecting everyone’s final diary entries. Every week during the final season, EW is asking those involved with the show to look back on one of their favorite moments from the series. So grab your tissues and join us on this trip down a vampire-filled memory lane.

This week, Phoebe Tonkin remembers the introduction of Hayley…

I knew I was going to do the Vampire Diaries spin-off from the moment I signed up. So whatever character I was going to play on Vampire Diaries was going to be in the spin-off if we ended up being able to shoot that pilot. I knew that. No one else knew that, so it was hard to keep that a secret. I think everyone was like, “Who is this Australian girl?” And I’m like, “I promise I’m going to be sticking around for a while!”

It was a real whirlwind because even though I was on on Secret Circle, it was in Canada and so I didn’t actually have a Visa until the day before I started work on Vampire Diaries, so all I was really focused on was getting to Canada, getting my Visa, and making it back in time to shoot my first day.

My first day was with Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan, and luckily I kind of knew a lot of the cast — it didn’t feel like I was walking completely into a new environment, and everyone was so welcoming. My first scene was where we meet Hayley, and the second scene I did that day was with Joseph where we meet for the first time.

On Vampire Diaries, in one day, they’re shooting two episodes, and the scene with Joe, he was needed on another set so my actual lines are to a stand-in and not to Joseph because he was needed doing some other debaucherous activity on a different stage. So I had a very sweet stand-in read his line and I had to pretend it was Joseph.

I definitely mainly worked with Joe and Michael. I did a scene with Paul [Wesley], I obviously did a couple with Candice [King], I did one scene with Nina [Dobrev], but none with Ian [Somerhalder]. I would have liked to have done one with Ian and then I would’ve had the whole trifecta of the gang.

There were a lot of days out in the beautiful Lockwood mansion, where it was me and Candice and everyone was there. Those were always for me the most fun days because that group is such a family and they have such a family dynamic. It was fun to be part of that.

I didn’t even really know much about Hayley when I signed on. I knew that she was a little mysterious, that she had a bit of a darker past. I didn’t know that much about what she was going to do while in New Orleans. That was all news to me as we got the scripts.

I remember Joe and I were kind of the only ones who knew we were doing the spin-off and we heard a couple of rumors about a baby. We really had no idea what the premise of the spin-off was going to be; we just knew it was going to happen. Then I remember hearing about the pregnancy and being like, “Well that makes sense why Klaus and Hayley had a little bit of a romantic tryst on a dining room table. That serves that purpose.”

It’s kind of crazy to think how long ago it was. I definitely remember The Originals backdoor pilot. That was the first time I started working with Daniel Gillies and we shot a little bit in New Orleans.

I remember the fan reaction to Hayley wasn’t particularly positive. I was essentially coming between the two stan favorite couples, Tyler and Caroline, and then of course, Klaus and Caroline. And then when Hayley sided with Klaus and he killed all those people on her behalf, the fans were definitely very vocal. I remember I was very scared about what the reaction was going to be to my first airing night, but I definitely think that with The Originals we’ve luckily been able to explore the character and her reasons for doing certain things and making certain decisions.

Obviously, my time on Vampire Diaries was very special and was a big launching pad for the next four years of my life. I’m very, very grateful.

— As told to Samantha Highfill


Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin was today announced as the new face of the 2017 Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo Marquee.
The seventeenth annual Portsea Polo takes place on the Mornington Peninsula on Saturday, January 14, with Ala Romeo the official naming rights sponsor for its first year and the Australian debut of the all-new Giulia Quadrifoglio high-performance sedan headlining the event.

Acclaimed Australian actress and Hollywood IT Girl Phoebe Tonkin is excited to be the new face of the 2017 Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo Marquee and is looking forward to attending the prestigious event, which opens Victoria’s spotting and social calendar for the year.

“I’m really excited to join Alfa Romeo for the day and this is my first time attending the Polo in Australia and my first time down to Portsea” said Tonkin.

“I’m looking forward seeing the newly debuted Alfa Romeo Giulia, the amazing Australian fashion, and getting to experience Al the it of the polo from the Alfa Romeo marquee.” she said.

Zac Loo, Marketing Director of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Australia, said he’s thrilled to have Phoebe Tonkin as the 2017 face of the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo.

“We are delighted to have Phoebe Tonkin as this year’s face, bringing her stylish and sophisticated At to out- marquee as we celebrate the launch of the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio,” Mr Loo said.

“The 2017 Portsea Polo is the ideal venue to relaunch the storied Alfa Romeo brand in Australia,” said Mr Loo. “Set in an idyllic location, the Portsea Polo exemplifies passion, performance and style; qualities at the core of every Alfa Romeo car.”

Over 400 VIP guests will be hosted in the exclusive Alfa Romeo Marquee at the Portsea Polo for this spectacular summer event, which will form the first public viewing A the all-new Giulia Quadrifoglio, the world’s fastest sports sedan, for drivers who demand passion and style in their cars.

This year’s Alfa Romeo hero marquee is set to reflect the lux, brand’s Italian heritage, embodying a premium sense of Italian style and sophistication synonymous with Alfa Romeo.

You can see the two promotional photos here: